Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

Last week I shared pictures from probably my favorite book in my entire collection.
This book was published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in connection with an exhibition that was on display from December of 1983 through September of 1984. It is now out of print. 
The picture below is not in the book. When I was in fashion school, I did an extensive paper on Yves St. Laurent and this was a picture I found that I absolutely fell in love with. Contemplating what will be kept and what will be removed from a collection.
This is a piece from a collection that he did while he was still with Christian Dior. It's white net embroidered with silver thread, sequins and rhinestones.
Audrey Hepburn in YSL photographed by Richard Avedon for Harper's Bazaar, September 1959.
What I have always found interesting about YSL's clothing is that although it can be somewhat over the top, it is still very wearable.

 Picasso inspired evening dress.
Another piece inspired by Picasso.

I shared the larger pictures last week, but I thought that you might enjoy a closer look, as the work is so incredible.

 And finally, a picture of his garden room at Chateau Gabriel. What a peaceful and serene setting.
Wishing you a week of peace and serenity.

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  1. Beautiful! I especially love that jacket with the scrollwork.

    1. Isn't it amazing? My favorite is the long tunic in the last picture.

  2. I like the scroll work jacket too. Looks a bit Dior too.

  3. Love the simple black and white evening gown.

  4. Me too I would love to have it, or one like it in my wardrobe. Such a lovely dress.

  5. Beautiful dresses, and so inspiring! But I think your lead dress, pictured with YSL, was inspired by the work of Sonia Delaunay, and not Picasso.

    1. The book could be wrong, but it says, "Appliqued Picasso evening dress from the Fall/Winter collection, 1979-80." I agree with you that the work does has a feel of her work but....all I can go by is what the book says. Now I'm so curious :)