Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

Good Morning and welcome to a new week!
Last week I shared a few pieces from the Bill Blass book, Bill Blass An American Designer. We took a look at day wear, so this week I thought we would focus on some of the evening pieces. The shapes are simple but so very elegant.

I love how Bill Blass was able to take a piece that most all of us have in our wardrobe and simply by turning it around and leaving it open, the basic cardigan became an evening piece.

Although this is not an evening piece, I just had to share it. What a spectacular use of smocking. 

It seems that so many today have bought into an idea that easy and comfortable means jeans and a t-shirt. Bill Blass showed us that easy and comfortable still means being so very chic and sophisticated.
Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

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  1. That smocked jacket is going to be in my dreams tonight. Thanks, Rhonda.

    1. Hi Bunny! I posted that jacket especially for you as I thought you would enjoy seeing it. So glad you like it:)