Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

A few years ago, Indiana University did a wonderful exhibit on Bill Blass. The school is not that far away, so it was easy to take a day and go see it. The exhibition book is so beautifully done. I think of all the book s that I have, this is my favorite. The photographs are so clear and they really concentrated on capturing the details. I think you are going to enjoy the pictures I'm sharing. This book is so jammed with wonderful pieces, a week will not do it justice, so we'll give it at least two weeks. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do. If you are interested in having a copy of the  book, you can find it here on Amazon.  
 An early sketch from 1948.

Notice the transformation of his style beginning with the early sketch from 1948 and ending with the above sketch from 2000.
Bill Blass was a master at combining prints. Notice the knit gloves in the picture below.

 Notice the striped shirt with the tweed jacket. He was able to take a very masculine design and still have it come across as so very feminine.

Next week I'll share some of the evening gowns. I think you'll enjoy them.
Have a wonderful Week!

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  1. Love all the matchy matchy of it. The gloves matching the skirt are fabulous.

  2. Great post Rhonda! I've got much love for Bill Blass designs. I remember wearing an original Bill Blass fragrance In high school. I would wear any of these pieces today with the exception of that little tutu, 3rd pic from the top AND I think I have a Vogue pattern based on the suit in the 4th pic from the bottom. Nice research!

  3. Bill Blass has always been one of my favorite designers. Thanks so much, Rhonda, for sharing these images.