Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration

To my surprise, when this month's issue of Vogue magazine arrived, there was a beautiful book of Ralph Lauren's Fall/Winter collection included int the mailing. I have been in love with all that Ralph Lauren does for thirty years. Thirty years ago I had the opportunity to visit his studio and offices in New York. What an experience!  
What I've come to realize, is that Ralph Lauren does not focus on fashion, but on a lifestyle. He is the master of making us want to buy and wear his clothes because we want the lifestyle that they invoke.
Not many of us will walk around in a pair of riding pants, but we like the way they look, especially on Ralph. 
 In this catalog he shows us the house, such a lovely estate,
 where all the people look like this,
 and have cars like this,
and are always dressed so perfectly.
 I love this sketch. Notice the mix of animal print on the collar and the plaid of the coat which is paired with a fair isle sweater.
 I've noticed that pantsuits are coming back.
 Animal prints are really big this year.
Capes are a must.
 Ralph Lauren is a master of pairing layers.

The sketch,
and the final garment.
 I love the subtle reference to Ralph Lauren with the horseshoe closure.

 The Great Gatsby at its best
 No shocking design, just elegant clothes that any woman would like to own.
Beautiful shoe.
 Elegant accessories.
And of course there is always the "bad girl" of the manor!
Okay, now for a little Where's Waldo. When I looked at the cover photo of the book, I thought to myself that something wasn't quite right. Do you see it? Look closely.
There's no fly in Ralph's pants!!! Is this a new trend? Or does the plaid match so well that I just can't see the fly? Hmmmmmm.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  1. I was wondering about that as well! My first thought is perhaps they have a side or back closure?

    Not sure if this is a myth or true, but "it has been said" that early in Johnny Carson's career, he did his monologue with his fly (accidentally) open. From then on, supposedly, he had his pants constructed with a mock fly front, with the zipper in the back.

    Maybe Ralph is channeling Johnny???

  2. You are so right about Ralph Lauren building his empire by selling a lifestyle. And maybe that's why I've never been drawn to his clothing... that is not the lifestyle I covet. I covet a funky urban lifestyle. ;)

  3. Like I wrote on my blog in mid September, I wore this stuff back in the 70's. I took out a mixed print/tweed/plaid vintage ensemble and added a snakeskin chain belt. Voila!

  4. I think you might be right. The waistband looks like its continuous too.

  5. I have always loved his clothing!

  6. Ralph Lauren always has some incredible sillouettes in his designs. I noted that when I was working at Macy's. Even though the clothes might be made of comfortable fabrics, if you pair them well, there's always that classic shape and form present. I love it.