Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday Morning Inspiration/A Place of Bliss with Ann Williamson

It seems that there is a new tradition in my life, something must go wrong on Thanksgiving day. You may remember the catastrophes from last year. Well, this year, the same friend and I went for a hike on Thanksgiving day. We decided to try a new trail. She had looked at the trail map and decided on a trail that should have looped back to where we began. With Gracie and Berley in tow, off we went. Oh, but I forgot to add that while we were looking at the map, I made the remark, "I hope we don't get lost." She responded, "oh, we can't get lost." Famous last words :/ 

The trails were clearly marked as we began, and as I said, the trail we thought we were on was supposed to loop back on itself, so all should be fine. We did see a marker that said that we had 1.6 miles left on the trail. We continued to walk, and we walked, and we walked. It became quite apparent that we were no longer on the trail that would loop us back to where we began. I began praying. I was beginning to envision us spending the night in the woods. And of course, I was not dressed to spend the night in the woods. It was a rather warmish day, so no hat, and just a few layers of fleece. 

We had walked so far, and I was really beginning to think that we would never find our way out when I heard voices. I took off so I could ask where we were. They said that the parking lot was just ahead. I was soooo relieved. We did come out into a parking area, but it was not where we had parked. Great!, now what? My friend talked to a couple of guys who were just about to begin a hike. They said that if we took a certain trail, it would be about 3 miles back to where we began. I said, "I am NOT going back in the woods!!!" 

We decided to begin walking toward the main road so we could call my husband to come and get us. About that time, a guy drove up, got out of his car with a beer in his hand. I thought that he might be there just to look around. I told him that we were lost and that we needed to get back to our car. He said that he was going to walk his dogs, but he could walk them from anywhere so he offered to have us all pile into his car. His 4 dogs and my 2, no, that wasn't going to happen. So we decided that I would leave my dogs with my friend and I would go and get the car and come back for them.

When I opened the door of the car, a cloud of marijuana smoke hit me in the face. He commented that he hoped I wouldn't mind the smell of marijuana. At this point, I just wanted to get back to my car!!! I later thought about the fact that he was drinking a beer...while driving...and smoking marijuana. He was really quite sweet. He told me that he hoped this wouldn't deter me from going back in the woods. When he dropped me off, I told him that he had truly been a blessing. And, he had. 

I drove like a speed demon back to my friend and my dogs. We were all so happy to be back in our own car, safe and sound. Another Thanksgiving for the books! 

I love finding people who are not only creating lovely pieces of clothing, but works of art. I came across a designer who uses vintage kimono silks to create the most beautiful works of art. Her name is Ann Williamson and you can find her website HERE. Ann's pieces incorporate a variety of techniques, beading applique, piecing and embroidery. The final outcome is striking from a distance, and impeccable workmanship from up close.

This piece is simply an amazing example of her bead work.  

Appliqued kimono silk. Breathtaking!

The skirt is a pieced and appliqued piece of kimono silk. The blouse is a Meisen Kimono silk. Lovely. 

The skirt below is one of my favorites, completely pieced. 

Love the combination of prints!

How gorgeous is this!!!? Another example of her pieced work.

So fresh and fun!

Another pieced and appliqued jacket. 

Take a few minutes to watch the video and meet Ann. What an incredible inspiration!

Once again, take a few minutes to pop by Ann's website and see her amazing work. By the way, the pieces are for sale!!!

You can also follow her blog HERE

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. THat beadwork! amazing.
    Crazy experience with the hike. I would be a bit scared in such a situation.

    1. The beadwork really is amazing!
      While in the moment, I usually don't get scared, just very focused on what I need to do to get myself out of whatever it is I've gotten myself into. The panic sets in later!!! ;)

  2. Ann's work is absolutely amazing!
    So glad that you got home safely from your scary hike.

    1. The hike was lovely until I realized that we were not where we thought we were! But, all's well that ends well :)

  3. She is AMAZING! That bead work is absolutely stunning.

    Wow to your hiking adventure! I'm like you and it would have been well after the fact that I thought to myself, "OMG he was drinking, smoking while and driving!"

    I'm generally of the live and let live variety but have found, from the occasional interaction, that marijuana smoke gives me an instant headache.

    1. I was so hyper-focused on getting back to my car that I just didn't really take note of the situation until I was in the car, and on my way. I'm a firm believer that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. I haven't discovered the meaning of this one yet ;)

  4. I would like to thank you for your Monday morning inspirations. This Monday was a delight. I knew of Anne Williamson but she is one of my favorites so was thrilled to see some more of her.

    Thank goodness for the outcome of your hike. I think you were very very lucky.

    1. Truly lucky, and grateful :)
      Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy the Monday Morning Inspiration posts. I had not heard of Ann before I stumbled upon her. What a delight it was to discover her amazing talent.

  5. Wiliamson's designs are so fresh and ready to wear.So much art to wear is the same ole same ole but these are fabulous and show an amazing skill set. Thanks for alerting us to this talent.

    I an totally sympathize with your lost hike. It is scary, expecially as one sees the day getting close to turning into night. Similarly, my husband and myself went on a three mile popular hike in the Adirondack Mountains. We had done it before but decided to head down a trail, signed, that we weren't familiar with. Our 3 mile hike turned into 11 and a half with my husband having eaten all his food support and going into a diabetic low from all the walking. We eventually made it to a road, not the road, and I flagged down a good Samaritan who had food and got us back to our car. There was still some snow on the ground. I won't forget. I am so glad you are safe and sound but not so sure I would want this to be the memory to go in your Thanksgiving scrapbook. Oh, ours was a case of a misturned sign as well.