Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Morning Inspiration/T-Shirts

While scrolling through Instagram this morning, I can across this...

I think we can all relate :)

But, truth be told, we are all so very fortunate. With the internet, we have inspiration at our finger tips at any given moment. When I was in high school, I took French, and loved it. Sadly, I have lost pretty much everything I learned. But at the time, I could read and understand just about anything I picked up, so I splurged and ordered a subscription to the French Elle magazine. What a treat that was! I savored each and every page. That was my entire source of inspiration. Now, like I'm sure all of you, I have files on my computer, files on Pinterest, and hundreds of saved pictures. Rather than feel overwhelmed, I just find the joy in it all. From time to time, I go through the files and delete whatever no longer speaks to me. And, from time to time, I come across some saved piece that is just the inspiration I need at that moment.

With the upcoming posts that Becky from Trail Balloons and I will be doing on t-shirts, I thought I would share just a few ideas that spoke to me :)

I love the idea of taking a basic sleeveless top and adding the flounce to give the illusion of sleeves. 

I really love this!!! A sleeveless top with the raglan sleeve added as accent. And then all the bound seams in black against the white. So striking!

This is a very simple way to add a little something special to a basic top. Slice the pattern open across the chest and then down the sleeves. Add a sheer piece of fabric and it goes from boring to WOW! 

This is really the same take on the idea above.

Alabama Chanin always offers so much inspiration. This piece from Sunni Standing is so lovely. A little stencil work, and then embroidery. Takes simple to outstanding. 

This is a lovely way to use some scraps and decorate the hem of a just about anything. 

We all have tons of buttons that languish in drawers. I rather like the yoke of this top.

Yes, this is a lampshade, but I really like the idea of using old white buttons and turning them into daisies. Just use a little green embroidery floss to create the stems and leaves. Again, a cute idea for the hem of tops and skirts alike. 

I''m really looking forward to the collaboration posts that Becky and I will be doing. Should be fun for us, and I hope you as well.

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. What a perfect phrase for anyone who sews - and so true!
    I love some of the ideas here, particularly those involving buttons as I have just inherited another button tin (full).

  2. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one overwhelmed by all the ideas and projects that I'd like to make, immediately. Thanks for the inspiration. Great ideas to take ordinary to head turners.