Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday Morning Inspiration/Make Your Own News

Taking a long, hot bath, and reading Vogue magazine is one of my favorite things to do. I came across an issue from last January that I had not read, so I decided to catch up. When I came across the picture below, my first impression was, "I love this!!!" I actually have a piece of red wool plaid like the pants, so I thought, well, I think I need to find a piece of newsprint. 

As I thought about it, I remembered that I already have a fun newsprint piece that a fellow Haute Couture member had given me. Then...I remembered the gingham stretch twill. I couldn't wait to get out of the tub and see if what I envisioned would actually work. I love the two together! 

I'll use the Barb pant pattern from Style Arc that I blogged about HERE for the pants. 

Not quite sure about the top, I'm vacillating between some vintage patterns and the shirt pattern below from Paco Peralta.

I decided to take a little spin around Pinterest and see what kind of inspiration there might be. 
Love the circular newsprint skirt paired with the short motorcycle jacket.

Men's pants, but anyone could wear these. Such fun, especially for summer.

Kate Spade has added her touch to newsprint with the clutch on the left, and the carryall bag on the right. A fun way to add a little excitement without doing an entire garment. 

I am in love with these gloves!!!

The oversized newsprint top from Couer de Vague Gray would be great paired with leggings. 
The middle piece is a vintage blouse(no longer available), so newsprint fashion has been around for a long time. Love the raglan sleeves.
The little dress is from Modcloth. This would be so cute paired with a pair of red sandals, or any bright color for that matter.

Prada did a collection of pieces all based on newsprint cartoons. One of the coats is also featured in the picture that I pulled from the magazine above.

If you come across a piece of newsprint fabric, don't shy away from it. It can really add a little spark of fun to your wardrobe. And if you already have a piece, but you're just not sure of what to do with it, I hope I've given you a bit of inspiration. 

I have a fun filled day ahead of me, the dentist, and then the dermatologist :/ I guess I just need to be grateful :)

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I didn't even get past the "Barb Pant blogged here" before I was down the Style Arc pattern rabbit hole!!! Coming soon the Barb Pant, the Flo Flat Bottom pant (can't wait to see that one!) and the Cassie coat...getting ready for fall already?, yikes. I don't have any newsprint stashed away, but can't wait to see your ensemble!

    1. I’ll be interested to see how you feel about the Style Arc patterns. A friend of mine who has difficulty with fitting pants, loved the Barb pant. Happy Sewing!!!

  2. Love your newsprint fabric. So pretty with the pink ladies.

  3. Wow great inspiration ! I’m not sure if my comment from your last post made it through . Will have to try Margie’s. Y next trip to the Windy City - it’s my sisters name

  4. Hi Rhonda, This is going to be such a cool outfit. Love the inspirational photos too. Great ideas. Thanks. C

  5. Yikes my comments aren’t going through again 🤔
    But love this post - newsprint fabric adds a great touch , can’t wait to see yours