Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday Morning Inspiration/Dolce and Gabbana

As I was eating my breakfast this morning, I saw a few minutes of a design program featuring the newest, and hottest concepts in home design. To my surprise, there was a segment on an Italian company called Smeg who has teamed up with, of all companies, Dolce and Gabbana to produce appliances for the kitchen.

The first product that was produced were small refrigerators. Each handpainted, and created by Sicilian artists. The artwork features cart wheels, medieval knights, and battle scenes.         

If by chance you are interested, the price of a refrigerator is $50,000!

Although the price of a refrigerator is quite steep, evidently the project has been successful and they are now producing smaller kitchen appliances like, a tea kettle, juicer, toaster, and mixers. The smaller appliances can be had for only $600.00. If you just can't live without a Dolce and Gabbana piece in your kitchen, you can find the pieces below at Williams Sonoma. You can save a little money with free shipping ;)  

What I found rather interesting is that the clothes actually match the appliances! 

The pieces below were photographed in a supermarket. Of course we all shop in our Dolce and Gabbana garments!!! They are rather pretty, but not for the supermarket!

I usually look more like the little gal on the left!!! ;)

I'm not quite sure how to sum all of this up. I guess that with the right branding, and the right customer, if you can dream it, you can sell it! If you would like to explore more of the dolce and Gabbana world, check out their website

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. The tights (now called leggings) remind me of Gucci tights that went with his mini-skirts to get around the lack of length. That eventually lead to pantyhose - a mixed blessing

    1. I had forgotten all about the Gucci tights! I loved the look of tights that match a skirt. My mother bought a garter belt for me when I initially began to wear hose as hose were cheaper than pantyhose. The first time I pulled on a pair of pantyhose, bliss!

  2. Something about those fridges would make me lose my appetite!

    1. Well, the $50,000 price tag would make me lose my appetite 😉

  3. lovely... I would not wear this and sertenly don't buy a fridge that way...but... I like this.

    1. If nothing more, it’s rather interesting 😊