Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday Morning Inspiration/Maria Pinto Spring

It's going to be 72 degrees in Chicago today!!! As much as I love winter, and all it has to offer, I'm ready to wear lighter clothes, and see spring flowers. Last week, I took Gracie for a long walk, and I just couldn't help myself, snapping so many pictures. At one point, Gracie was a little put out with me as she was tired of stopping so often ;) 

The little crocus on the far right is just so spectacular!

In honor of spring, spring colors, and spring clothes, I decided to take a look at what Maria Pinto is showing. 

I love the fresh, firey red of the top and coat mixed with the denim skirt. I especially like matching the coat to the top. We've gotten away from matchy, matchy things, but I like it! Time for it to come back, at least in my opinion :)

So often, I see the mesh, open weave fabrics, and for some reason, I'm always stumped. The piece on the left is actually a coat over a dress. You can see a better picture of the coat HERE. The middle piece, my favorite, is just an overdress. And then finally the mesh cape. Fun ideas.

I am in love with this skirt. This is on my 'to be copied' list. 

This top is quite simple, but I like the boldness of the sleeves and the sweet ties. And then, stripes are always nice this time of year.

Love the color of the jacket!!! Take note of the sleeves. They are a little exaggerated, but really pretty. 

And finally, this is just an 8-gore skirt, but cut in such an interesting way. Look closely at the hem of the red skirt and you'll see that extra godets have been added. Talk about a swish factor!

Hope that wherever you are there's something about your day that will make you smile :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Please do a post on the sleeves of that blue jacket. I love them. Actually, why not the whole jacket. It has a neckline similar to a dress you did. The pink skirt is beautiful. Hope you do a post on that one too.

    1. That jacket is so lovely. And yes, I will be making the skirt 😊

  2. Love the fashions, but also love the quote. I always told my children that they reap the benefit of or suffer the consequences of their decisions.

  3. Yes! I’m with you on the matching top & jacket. It’s a put-together look.

    1. Glad to know I am not alone on being matchy, matchy 😉