Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Maria Pinto Shapes

Around this time of the year, I begin to look at my summer wardrobe and feel quite bored and tired of it, I'm ready for a change. Although it's not quite cool enough to change over to my fall wardrobe, it's a nice time to begin looking around for a few new pieces that I will enjoy wearing once the temperatures do fall. 

I love the designs of Maria Pinto, a Chicago based fashion designer. I've showcased her work her a number of times. A week or so ago, I took a look at her new fall collection. What I especially like is that she doesn't come out with an entirely new collection. She builds on the last collection, so rather than start all over, her clients are given the opportunity to purchase a few pieces that will work with pieces they have bought in the past.

Last fall she showcased a new denim collection that was great. This year, she has added pieces that are especially interesting. 

Love the shape of this jacket. 

I love working with geometric shapes and this one really special!

 Looks like a fun piece to wear.

The collection also includes some striped pieces. 

Love the definition the stripes give to jackets.

I really like this piece with one exception, the front neckline. I understand why the point is there, it just looks a little bothersome to me. I think I would either have to cut it off or fold it down.

One last piece from the collection. A great little top that works with jackets for day, or on its own for night.

Here's to fall!!!
Have a wonderful week :)

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  1. What beautiful pieces. She makes denim look very luxe and the design are quite unusual. I love the use of stripes. I am so looking forward to getting my Fall/Winter wardrobe out again. I think that the materials can be much nicer for this time of year. Xx

    1. I just love her work.
      I'm a fall/winter kind of a gal. I love wearing layers. Just so many opportunities to enjoy clothes 😊

  2. So much eye candy here! I love denim and it's absolutely transported by these designs.

  3. I would love to try almost all of these garments. Anything in denim is a winner in my wardrobe 😃

    1. I'm going to do a few of the pieces as they translate so well to simple rectangular pieces. Just love her work!