Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Write On!

I have always loved to write. Now yes, I love to tell a story, but when I say write, I mean actually write on something. When I was just about 5 years old, the writing bug really got a hold of me! And, for some reason, the floor seemed like the perfect place to write little paragraphs about how I was feeling, or words I had read in a book(I read early). Of course, I knew better than to write on the floor, so I would write in corners where I thought no one would ever see what I had done. But, my mother being the meticulous housekeeper that she was, soon found my work. Busted!!! And of course, there was no one I could blame it on as my brother was 4 years younger and just a toddler. To make matters even worse, all of my little works of art were done in ink, so I have no idea how she managed to remove what I had done. Kids ;)

Over the weekend, I just happened upon some pieces on Pinterest that caught my eye. Who would think that writing on fabric would actually be interesting? 

This was the first piece that I saw. Such fun!

Another piece from the same designer. I couldn't find whose work this is, but you can see it HERE on Pinterest.

The next 2 pieces are from Stella McCarthy. While it's a stitched detail, it has the same feel, so I included it.  

A little wild and crazy, but fun.

Love this. Looks like they took an ink pen and drew the shape on while it was on the model. 

Thought this was such a cute way to detail a pocket.

A fun way to decorate a buttonhole.

Isn't it interesting how this plays a trick on the eye?

 A t-shirt makes a great canvas for anything you might like to say!

So now you have permission to get those fabric pens out and start writing on your clothes!!! Wow, if only I had known ;) Well, truth be told, if I had written on my clothes, I may not be here today!!! 

Go write on something, and have a great day :)

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  1. what great ideas! and for kids too! so thank you.

  2. The kids did this when they were young. One of them grew up to be a designer but not garments. Thank you for this lovely trip around the "word" of fashion world.

  3. Oh what a naughty girl you were! I had one who decided to paint the carpet with margarine!
    Your inspiration photos are great.

    1. You made me laugh 😀 Not so much naughty as sneaky. Wow, margarine. That had to be a nightmare! But I bet you still love her 😉

  4. These are really fun and great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Rhonda, your calligraphic start had me reminiscing about the time our daughter nearly didn't live! She had 'coloured in' the grout on our sandstone entry floor while I was making her a mermaid outfit for a birthday party. Needless to say, I rang the host and cancelled her attendance - I was ropeable. Funny thing, she used to write tiny 'x's on the walls behind furniture where she thought I couldn't see them, persistent little critter she was! Now she's studying architecture, hmmm! Love this inspiration post, lots of great stuff here, thanks x

  6. So glad you survived 😂. I wasn't a perfectly behaved child either. These garments are so beautiful - definitely inspired. Thanks Rhonda!