Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Victoria Beckham

This past weekend, the temperatures here in Chicago were FABULOUS!!! If you've seen the video, you know that I was out at the airport on Saturday. So sorry about the poor quality of the video, but hopefully you get at least an idea. 

There was a time that I absolutely hated windy days. I was struggling to learn to fly, everything seemed rather overwhelming, but my instructor would not give up on me, and...he made sure that I received the absolute best education that he could possibly bestow. I remember one particular day, the winds were awful, in fact, my hair was blowing out at a 90 degree angle. When I got the weather briefing and heard what the winds were, I thought that we would surely stay on the ground that day. As I relayed the briefing to my instructor, he stood there puffing on his pipe(he had kind of a General MacArthur look to him), and then said, "ya ready?" Not really a question, but a statement. So off we went. At one point, a gust of air grabbed the plane, and I almost popped out of my seat. He laughed and said, "ride em cowgirl!" I was not one bit happy, then, but in the long run, I am grateful :) 

The Victoria Beckham collection for Target hit the stores this past weekend and, at least here in Chicago, they could not have had a better weather day to launch the collection. In fact, most, if not all of the pieces are no longer available on their website. 

This collection is very bright and lots of fun. The show piece of the collection is the modified car wash skirt and top. Very reminiscent of Pierre Cardin.

For me, the collection evokes memories of some of my favorite pieces that I wore as a child in the early 70's.

The colors really pop. I especially like the orange collection. On the right is a large detail of the pocket on a skirt.

This looks like a fun to wear piece whether you wear it as a top or dress.  

I love the 2 scarves that were offered with the collection. Sadly, they too are sold out.

I think the collection is quite fun and inspirational, but for those of us who sew, easy to duplicate. I am hoping that the scarves might be available soon as I would REALLY like to have the bee scarf. I love bees :)

Have a wonderful day, and I hope that wherever you are that the weather gods will bring you a lovely day :)

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  1. Jazzy pockets are SO your style... Only amazing sleeves would be more perfect for you!


  2. Out of all the collection, I love that scarf!

  3. I like the orange collection and that bee scarf. I am amazed that you fly a plane. It seems so exciting and scary...but I guess it can't be any scarier than driving a car if you think about it!

  4. I love the daisy print dress. I think I wore something like that as a child in the 70s