Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration/Summer Dressing

We are having a rather hot summer here in Chicago. In fact, later this week it is supposed to hit the triple digits. Now for those of you who live in super hot climates, you'll probably think, oh boo hoo ;), but we are just not accustomed to the heat and it's not unusual for homes to be without air conditioning. Thankfully, I do. 

Staying cool and looking great can be a challenge. I always enjoy doing a little people watching when the temperatures soar as the outfits get rather inventive and sadly, far too skimpy.

I especially enjoy wearing dresses in the summer. Dresses are the coolest thing you can possibly put on your body, as long as they aren't tight fitting.

I came across a lovely blog entitled Living In Yellow. The author is Erin and she has a great sense of style. She did not make the dresses, but I loved the color block aspect and the combination of prints.

This maxi is so cute with the surprise in the back. Easy to do with a basic t-shirt pattern.

Love this little dress. Great idea for a patterned fabric that has a stripe. Turn the stripe and create a border.

Another cute idea. Take a simple dress with a v-neck and add a band to create a loose tie. It will naturally drape at center back. 

Here's another incredibly easy dress to create. It's very similar to THIS sleeve tutorial I did a few summers ago.

It seems like everyone has embraced the bare shoulder, or cold shoulder look. A simple idea for a breezy top is leave slits at center front, center back and the side seams.

I don't find shorts to be all that cool, but a cute short is still fun to wear. I love the pattern combination on the left and the applied trim on the right is super cute.

Wrap shorts make a comeback every few years. I wore these when I was in high school...and that was not yesterday!!! But, a cute idea then and a cute idea now. 

There are so many patterns that you can find for similar shorts. And if you don't want a short, then make a pant, or a longer culotte style. I found the pattern below HERE on Etsy.

This is the pattern that I purchased when I was in high school and still love. You can find it HERE, HERE, and HERE on Etsy.

And finally, for a little Monday fun, I came across this picture and thought, "you have got to be kidding!" It was labeled, "a great idea." Really? All they did was take a shirt and twist it to the side and use the opposite sleeve to tie it together. Great shoes though!!!

Have a wonderful week, and if you are somewhere where it is blazing hot...hope you are able to stay cool!

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  1. Love those color blocked dresses! I , too find dresses are much cooler than shorts or capris. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Lovely summery outfits Rhonda! I like seeing the combinations of rehashed styles from earlier times with a new twist. Also enjoyed the wrap shorts! Hope you stay cool this week too!

  3. Rhonda, you find the cutest outfits! I really like the color blocking and the great trim ideas. You forgot to mention the humidity!!!! I grew up in Chicago without air conditioning. After a hot summer thunderstorm - well I'm sure you know the feeling! Thanks for Sunday's great inspiration. I needed it!

  4. I have McCall's 6629 in my stash, too. It's one that I chose to keep when my mom got rid of her sewing patterns. I haven't made it yet, and I'm going to have to grade it since I am not the same size my mom was in high school! It's fun to see someone else post about it.

  5. I love those colour blocked dresses too. Sadly, we don't often get the weather in Scotland to be bothered by the heat, it has been cold and rainy here for the last few weeks but today was pretty warm (19C - hot for here) so maybe we will need some soon. The wrap shorts are great. Xx

    1. I could go for cool and rainy about now. I keep saying that if I ever get to Scotland, I won't return to America ;)

  6. Do you know the So Sew Easy site? I love their free patterns, and since they're based in the Cayman islands most of the them are summery things.

    1. Thanks Emily, I do. I made up one of her top patterns for a Thrifty Thirsday post, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2014/05/thrifty-thursday.html?m=1
      Liked it so much that I made it twice!

  7. Actually its a wee bit chilly and wet here in Sydney. Love the first dress and am very uncertain about the girl giving her Dad's shirt the cold shoulder.

    1. I could go for a wee bit chilly, it's blazing hot here :)
      I really had to laugh when I saw the shirt pulled to the side. My first thought was that she stayed over at her boyfriend's house and forgot to bring a change of clothes ;)