Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration/Ralph Rucci Up Close

This weekend, I had the joy of spending the afternoon with my niece and her fiance, both of whom are computer geniuses. I had a list a mile long of issues I needed help with. At one point, my hands went up in the air, I was ready to call it quits. Neither of them paid one bit of attention to me, rather looked at each other and went back and forth about how they could make happen what it was I wanted. They helped me accomplish so much. I walked away floating in happiness :-)
While I was there, my niece commented about her fiance going to Asia and having a custom suit made while he was there. She talked about how much she loves how he looks in the suit. As I listened to the two of them talk about his experience and the lovely workmanship, I thought, "there's hope." 
As you can well see, I have been absolutely infatuated by Ralph Rucci. I've told you about my love affair with all things Yves St. Laurent and how it was his clothes that inspired me to sew better. Well, I think I have a new boyfriend!!! I am in awe of the details that go into a Ralph Rucci garment. I am also inspired by the man himself. This will be our last Ralph Rucci inspiration post, at least for a while. So take a look and awe at these beautiful details.

I looked and looked, but could not find the actual dress that this piece belongs to. It's from his spinal dress. Yep, looks like a spine!

Just loved how these pieces looked. Just hanging around, waiting to be worn.

We are so very fortunate to have the gift of knowing how to sew. And we are also quite fortunate to have Vogue patterns that give us the possibility to recreate some of these pieces for ourselves. I pulled out Ralph Rucci's Vogue 1404. What from a distance looks like a simple a -line dress, is not simple at all.
A photograph is nice, but I always prefer a line drawing. But even here, the line drawing does not tell the entire story.

Check out the hem. Do you see a reference to the spinal dress detail in the quilting?
Now take a look at the back side of the quilted hem. This is one amazing garment.

So many of you enjoyed the video that I included with the last Ralph Rucci post that I did. The video below is well worth watching as he gives a lecture on his work. I was especially impressed when he said that just days before, he had a ruptured appendix for which he had surgery, but he was determined to give the lecture. You can see that at the beginning he seems weak, but as he begins to talk, he becomes energized. Fast forward through the first 13 minutes as it's just people from the museum talking about about the museum

I'm ordering Vogue 1404 pattern today! I REALLY have to make that dress :-)
Hope you're walking away a little inspired!
Happy Monday :-) 

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  1. Just beautiful work! Wish I had the patience......

    1. it is amazing isn't it. I think about the workroom staff, putting on that work into a garment that you won't be wearing :-/

  2. He is one of my favorite designers. His details are inspirational. I love how he uses bullion knots in nearly everything he does. His are always perfect and I know from experience, they are not easy to do and get to look that good. You will rock this dress and I can't wait.

    1. One thing that I enjoyed so much about the movie, Dior and I was that they really showed how important the workroom was and that they all have a very special talent. The designer has vision, but they are who execute it. I would love to see a documentary on his workroom :)
      As for the dress, fingers crossed ;)

  3. I look forward to seeing your dress too, I am sure you will do an amazing job. I looked at this pattern when it first appeared, but decided it was a bit too much work plus I rarely go to dressy events.

  4. I've just received the book Ralph Rucci, The Art of Weightlessness as a gift. I AM IN AWE!

    1. I think I saw your post on Facebook. I just purchased his autobiography. An expensive book, but I was able to find a used version for a better price. I would really like to look at the book that you have. Was able to find it at my library, so I'll have it in my hands soon! Thanks for the reminder :) When my book arrives, I'll share a little about it.