Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration/The Wonderful World of Denim

A few weeks ago, I did a Monday Morning Inspiration post on Antonio Berardi. I just love his design aesthetic, and I mentioned in the post how much he reminds me of the late, great Claude Montana(my design hero). If only Vogue Patterns would approach designers like Antonio Berardi and Roberto Cavalli, I know that I would be in heaven. A while back, a friend gave me a wonderful Claude Montana coat pattern, and I recently tracked down another pattern. I'll share both in another post. Montana's designs are truly timeless, and I will probably be making up his designs until I can no longer see :) But, today's post is not about these incredible designers.
In the post I did on Antonio Berardi, SJ Kurtz of http://erniekdesigns.blogspot.com/ left a comment and told me about the wonderful production of The Marriage of Figaro that the Seattle Opera is doing. The video is just a little over 2 minutes in length, and WELL worth the time. Many of the costumes  have been created with repurposed denim. Be sure to take note of the cuffs that were made with repurposed denim pockets, and the sweet corselette made from the seat of a pair of denim pants.Incredible!
Not that the video isn't plenty of inspiration, but I thought I would tack on a little more :)
Not too sure about the epaulets, but I do like the coat, especially the quilted bottom panel.
What a great piece, patchwork, but modern.
This is from the Yves St. Laurent Spring 2016 collection. Once again, I like the patchwork. Not too crazy about the frayed hem. 
 Gucci 2015 Spring collection. Pretty cutwork.
 Over the top with Alexander McQueen!
Roberto Cavalli
 Fabulous work.

Beautiful blouse from Madeleine, Fall 2014 Could possibly be re-created with lightweight denim bandannas.
When I initially saw this photo, I thought skirt. It was a small picture. Then I took a closer look and realized that it's a picture of hanging shirts. Somehow, I think this could translate into an interesting design. 
 From Fendi. Love the little cropped jacket.
This is a little something from the, "interesting, but I'm not sure" file.  
Denim lends itself to incredible embellishment possibilities. Below is a quilt, but I thought it would make an interesting panel on a jacket. 
More embellishment ideas.
And finally, a little fun with scraps. Don't throw any denim away!!!
Denim has become a mainstay of our wardrobes, and rightfully so. It's durable and so easy to care for.
I've had a lot of fun putting together today's little post. Hope it's been inspiring!

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  1. Those costume are such eye candy. I love denim and even double denim. The embroidery on the Alexander McQueen coat is stunning. Thank you for sharing these. Xx

  2. Denim is great to work with, and I like it even more now that I know how to use a clapper when I'm ironing. BTW, it's Kurtz. Although in elementary school, Krutz was part of the nickname.

    1. I am so sorry. I have a feeling that auto correct played a role and then I didn't catch. Nothing worse than misspelling a name. Once again, so sorry.

  3. I'm one of those people who knows that denim is a "necessity" but isn't head over heels for it. But man are those some amazingly designed looks?!! Wow! Such creativity and inventiveness.

  4. The video is fantastic, thank you for sharing! I am amazed at the ingenious refashions and embellishment details that were used in the costumes.

  5. So inspired Rhonda. I toiled a princess block pattern just to try the block, but used denim. So now I have to make it into something I can wear having done the fit test. This post will be bookmarked till I've unpacked moving boxes. So many choices, so much inspiration.

  6. Wow, oh wow! I have quite a bit of my son's old jeans. I love the coat with all the stitching. The one with the raveled hem, no way. Too many judges pointed that out on Project Runway. Now to choose a pattern to make. A quick tip I found a nice Jean jacket at a local thrift shop & a brand new one at a box store for about the same price $3.00. They are great to embellish as would a denim skirt.

  7. There's some fabulous ideas here. My personal favourites are the scalloped waistband skirt and the little cropped bomber jacket (for my daughter, or longer for me)

  8. I loved the video Rhonda.What inspired use of such a utilitarian fabric.

  9. That Cavalli skirt is utterly gorgeous and what an inspiration that video is! Thanks, Rhonda.

  10. Thank you, Rhonda. That was SO interesting. Makes me want to find that denim I have in my stash SOMEWHERE!
    Hugs, Joy

  11. I love the little denim hearts, so cute! Thanks for sharing the video, so interesting.

  12. Levi Strauss probably did not imagine what would happen with his invention of jeans/denim for the working man.

    1. I’m sure! 😊 How could anyone know that everyone would embrace the comfort and versility of the fabric.