Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

It's a Plaid, Plaid World!
My sister-in-law sent me a very interesting piece that was written about wearing plaid. I grew up in the south, so our winter clothes weren't of the hearty variety as mine are now and I was not Catholic,
so I didn't wear a plaid uniform to school. As I thought about it, I rather like plaid, in fact, I just bought a pair of red and black plaid tights recently! So I decided to look around and find a few interesting plaid ideas and redeem the print :)
Of course, my first stop would be Alexander McQueen, the king of plaid. No one will ever do plaid like he did.

Then I found a few evening gowns that I thought were so very pretty. I love the use of the  plaids.

Fabulous skirt ideas. 

How about a plaid motorcycle jacket?
Lovely coats.

  Love the peekaboo of the striped skirt.
 Lady like plaid.
And then, just for fun. 
A plaid shirt with a hood.
 A plaid shirt with a cowl.
 And then,experiment with other prints, like polka dots,
 animal prints,

 A great rectangular project with a touch of leather.
 Add a fun applique to a sweater and add a plaid shirt.
 Add a ruffle to the hem of a coat.
 Or go all out with a steam punk inspired corset.
And then just for fun, how about a fun faux fox scarf? You can find the free pattern and tutorial here, http://prudentbaby.com/2012/12/baby-kid/diy-fox-scarf-with-free-pattern/ 
Now go grab some plaid and have a little fun!!!! 
Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Loving the inspirational plaid. Your post remind me that I have 2 cuts of green/n. blue plaid.

  2. These are awesome, I loooooove plaid too. :)

  3. Oh what fun. It is cold here right now, must get me some plaid. :) ~Teri

  4. stunning! Now I want to go buy some plaid to make some of those really neat/interesting skirts!

  5. Being Scottsh I LOVE a good tartan. These are lovely and bang on trend for the Winter. Would love the ruffled coat or the McQueen dresses. Thanks for the info. Xx

  6. Great inspirations!!! The third skirt is awesome, same goes for bike jacket! Steampunk corset wouldn't fit my waredrobe but is super cute! I'll have to start looking for cute plaid fabrics!

  7. Nice! I have somewhere a UFO plaid skirt. Might need to dig it out and finish it.

  8. The red lady like plaid suit is too gorgeous. I'd buy the fabric if I ever saw it available!

  9. My daughter has wanted a pair of tartan pants ever since she saw some in the 48th Highlander's Museum in Toronto this summer. I have to admit, they were really cute. I always like plaid, just haven't like seeing myself in it since I was 9 or 10 years old!

  10. Love the biker jacket. There is a great Vogue pattern for a cowl dress with a separate skirt that is illustrated in plaid. Mut make next winter!

  11. I love that last plaid evening "gown" that looks like a long skirt with a drapey top. With some sort of 3/4 sleeve for our cold winter, I'd wear that in a heartbeat. Of course a sleeve would wreck the look, wouldn't it?

  12. McQueen was a genious and his tartan collections are among the best.

  13. Ah I have plaid on my to sew list this winter! This just makes me want to move it closer to the top of the list!