Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Wednesday Showcase

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
I'm sure you have all heard, "Ask for what you want," and "You get what you ask for." There's even a verse in the Bible that addresses this. I must admit that it is something that I find very difficult to do, but it is a trait that I admire in others, like the video I shared yesterday for Lisa.
A few weeks ago I received an email from She told me that she had used a tutorial that I had posted to draft a pattern for her daughter. This was a Sleeves On Saturdays post.                      
The pattern was modified to make this super cute outfit for her daughter. Don't you just love the attitude of this child?!!!photo 3
She told me that she does a lot of sewing for her children and that she typically uses thrift store finds that she refashions. She then asked if I would consider her blog for The Wednesday Showcase. How could I refuse?!! First of all, I admire the fact that she would ask, and once I took a look at her creations, I knew that so many would be inspired by her creativity.  She says that her blog is, 
"A description of my designs and about sewing for my 3 youngest children as I try to keep them away from the more typical mass produced clothing. I also have 2 teenagers who unfortunately are happy with mass produced clothing!"
Well, from what I can see, her teenage children are missing out on some fabulous clothes!!!
Here's something that was refashioned from thrift store finds. Can you believe that this adorable outfit was made out of 2 old men's shirts?!!!!
The back.
Another super cute version made from a white shirt.
Trio-Re-Fashionista Style!
If she wants to sew for someone a little older, I'm up for adoption!!!!!!
Whether you are sewing for children or adults, I think you'll really enjoy the creativity and inspiration that you'll find at Orange Who.

Chesneykat is the lovely lady behind In order to always remind herself of her vision for her sewing, she actually posted it to the title page of her blog. It's simply to, "Find temporal, real and metaphysical space for creative expression. Sewing with a focus on detail and embellishment."
Here's a perfect example of her determination to focus on detail. Beautiful pocket application.
And the coat.                                             
I was so impressed by how she incorporates her love for art into her clothes. This was an artist that she had loved since college. The piece is called Psychedelic Spaghetti.                        
And here is how she interpreted it into a jacket.
She took this thread and lace,
and did this lovely work,

and this lovely skirt is the result.

And finally, just for fun and because I really like the print of the skirt,I thought I would share this picture. Perfect for summer!
Chesneykat has a lovely sense of style and a very creative eye. I think you'll be inspired.                              

So, sometimes good things just come to us, and it's great when they do, but the lesson I am taking away today is to not be so timid and just ask. You never know, the answer just might be yes!
Have a wonderful day.


  1. It's always fun to check out these blogs you feature. Thanks for doing them. And, by the way, that last skirt by Chesneykat is reminiscent of the fabric you used for your Beautiful Belle Amy Butler handbag tutorial - both sort of vintage Joan Miro looking. Where do you all find such fabulous fabric bits?

    1. :) I wondered if anyone might pick up on that connection! I gave one of the bags I made to a new mother to use as a small diaper kinda bag. I kept one for myself. After seeing this skirt, I want a matching skirt. Hopefully I have enough to ink one out.

  2. I just checked out the Orange Who? blog, was intrigued by her Bali shirt refashion tutorial, but could find no way to comment on her blog. Hoping she'll read the comments on your feature so she'll get my "thank you" for a project I'm inspired to attempt for myself from a huge Egyptian cotton men's shirt.

    1. She emailed me this morning and I told her to be sure and check out the comments, so she should see this.

  3. Another two wonderful blogs to add to my ever-growing list. And omigosh how cute is that kiddo! Thank you for sharing.

    1. OMGosh!!! I would spend every waking moment making clothes for that child. I think she may have a modeling career ahead of her. Such a cutie pie!!

  4. Another VERY talanted ladies...enjoyed reading their blogs. Thank you Rhonda for presenting this "Wednesday Showcase" for us beginners and others....very encouraging and inspiring!