Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

Can you believe that this is already the last week of January!!!!! Where did this month go???  I do love winter, even with all that I have to do to try and stay warm. In fact, once I finish this post, I'm headed out for a little skiing, I hope. But, I must admit that my thoughts have begun to turn toward spring clothes. 
Everywhere I look, it seems that I'm bombarded with Peter Pilotto designs, and I really like what I see. The line is actually designed by the London based team of Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. Not only do they have a high end line, they are now doing a line for Target. I guess that once you begin designing for Target, you have truly made the big time ;) I am being a little facetious.....actually a lot :) Regardless, their mix of prints is a feast for the eyes and nothing that we can't do for ourselves.  I've posted some of the pieces that I really like, but if you would like to see the entire line, here's a link, http://www.target.com/c/peter-pilotto-for-target-brand-shop/-/N-55hsm . Just click on the Lookbook and you'll be able to scroll through all of the designs that they have done for Target.

 An easy little shift dress with a yoke and a little flounce skirt.

 I especially love the piecing possibilities of the above dress design.

 The top the skirt, wonderful.
You may remember that Elizabeth of http://elizabethchandlerdesigns.com/ did a bag for us like the one above. You can find the directions here, http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2013/04/fabulous-free-pattern-friday_19.html

Love this look! Above and below.

 Great mix of a bold abstract floral print with the black and white graphic prints below.
I'm off to see if Target will be selling those black and white graphic slip-ons. I think they are super cute and I can't make them!!!!
Wishing you some happy spring thoughts today. For all of us who have been dealing with an incredibly cold winter, we deserve a little break, even if it's just a mental one :)
Happy Monday!

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  1. Whoa! Some of those combinations hurt my eyes! lol All very interesting outfits; I'm not sure yet if I like them all or not - a sign of my age/generation perhaps? However, "things" tend to grow on me over time.

    1. Hey, I follow your blog!!! I've seen you do some pretty fabulous combinations. Don't give me that age thing ;) Have a great day. I here that it is cold in Texas, even Galveston is supposed to get snow this week. Yikes!!!

  2. Interesting combinations....but a little too much for me :-) Tho I did see a piece in the NYTimes by Bill Cunningham re wool coats with several different fabrics together: wool, leather, suiting all in one coat. Stunning!

  3. I want those shoes!

  4. What wonderful print and colour combinations and the asymmetry of the little skirts is making me smile. Colour colour colour.

    I will have to bottle some summer sunshine and send it to you as we've a morning full streaming in the window as I type. Keep warm.

  5. I am so glad fashion has evolved out of the black minimalist period of the 90's. I never did like all that black and love all these prints and their combinations.

  6. I must say I don't like these designs and I'm usually right with you on design inspirations. I like the cut, and the idea, but there is way too must going on visually.