Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

Like so many of you, I love to tear pages out of magazines and save them for inspiration. So today I thought I would share with you a few of the things that I have loved at first sight.
I always love a good weaving project. Very inspiring skirt and vest.
Just call me crazy, but a snakeskin print is right up my alley!
Something like this would be fun to do with paint.
Beautiful back detail.
Fabulous hat.
Peter Pilotto mixes prints oh so well.
 The print with the addition of the stripe is a knock out.
The nails and the rings. The rings are really expensive, like thousands and thousands of dollars. Keeping my eyes open for some knock offs!
 This Tom Ford dress is killer.
 Great trim on the bottom of this skirt.
 Fun little bag.
And finally, a circular skirt with sheer inserts. This looks like horsehair braid, but lace would be lovely as well.
Oh how I would love to delve into each and every project. If only life didn't get in the way!!!!!
May you find time this week to bring an inspiration to life.
Happy Monday!!

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  1. You are right - it would be fabulous to try out each project. I am drawn to the hat, wondering if some recycled leather skirt would do for fashioning such a gorgeous head piece.

    1. I love that hat. I have some felted wool that I want to use and I think it will work well with this design. I bet some really supple leather would work well too.

  2. Oh, dear Rhonda! I wish I had many lives to get all that time to sew! Great inspiration!

  3. Those are awesome inspirations. Would love to dabble in fabric painting and want to make a dress with mixed prints.

  4. About that snakeskin---last year, in Paris, I saw the most beautiful simple t-shirt in a window. It looked so soft and drapey with a lovely snakeskin pattern. The price? 3,000 Euros!!! It was genuine python! I was so shocked and horrified. A print is one thing...but real? No, thanks.

    1. Well, I will confess to having snakeskin shoes and even a belt, but not an entire top!!!

  5. As always plenty of eye candy here. I particular like the white evening dress and the Philip Piletto day dress.

  6. Wow you got me at the weaving too plus the lovely trim at the hem of the blue-grey skirt. I have a skirt in the works and have been debating how to zazz it up a little - trim is just the thing. Thank you!