Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration

Welcome to a brand new week!! My former exchange student leaves tomorrow. The visit has gone all too fast. I'm sad to see him go. More about that in another post.
I am usually more of the mind that if I can't say something nice, I would rather not say anything at all, but when I came across this ad for Marc Jacobs...well, it did make me look. Check out the model on the far left. I'm glad that I wasn't invited to the party that she attended!! Now maybe I'm missing something, but there is nothing about this picture that makes me want to buy or copy anything that I see. Now that I look a little closer, the print of the jacket on the far right is rather nice. So there, I did it. I manged to find something nice to say!! I feel so much better.
I have had the following pictures for quite some time. They were in an old issue of Elle magazine. I am not advocating that we dress in a zebra outfit or wear a bear on our head, but I did like how they paired all of the pieces for the layout. Prttynpnk would have a blast with these pictures. If you want to laugh, check out one of her Wearable Wednesday posts. They are fantastic! But alas, I am not she, so you are relegated to my swooning over pieces that I love.
I do love the zebra boots.

 And the tiger boots as well. What fun it would be to pair these or the zebra boots with a simple black skirt.
Here's the bear on the head.  The bear claw pumps are rather fun!
I do love snakeskin. For me, that coat is to die for.
And I especially love the snakeskin sandals. They are by Tabitha Simmons and they retailed for $1.695.00. Now they are last season's shoe, so maybe they have a marked down pair at Neiman's. Hope does reign eternal!
From this spread, the two pieces that caught my eye were the 1001 Dalmatians silk blouse(how I would LOVE to find this fabric),
 and this great little pair of boots. Too much fun!

Check out the black and gold leopard shorts. Might be fun.
In the large picture it is a little difficult to see the skirt, so I tried to get a closer picture.
 The black panther on the bottom of the skirt is wonderful.
And finally, it just isn't Monday without a few great shoes. This beauty is by Balenciaga, snakeskin, linen, and lambskin, $2,350.00. What an interesting combination, snakes and lambs, hmmm. Oh well, it is a lovely shoe and the heel is so very interesting.
Wishing you a lovely week with lots of laughter and and hopefully a few happy memories by the end of the week.

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