Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Wednesday Showcase

Now that I do The Wednesday Showcase each week, it seems like Wednesday comes around awfully fast. Wasn't it just Wednesday....yesterday? Wow, how time flies!
You have briefly met both of the ladies that I will be showcasing today in recent posts. They have been so kind to me and this is just a small thank you from me to the two of them for taking the time help me and for being so generous.
The first up is Kim from What Kim doesn't know is that she and I share a name. My middle name is Kim!
In January, Kim gave my All Points Skirt a try. I absolutely love her version.
I recently asked for pattern testers for my Lend Me Your Shoulder pattern, and Kim promptly volunteered.
There's a sew along on Artisan's Square where each month you are to make a new shirt. I signed up to be a part of the group. Guess how many shirts I've!!but not Kim. Pictured above is her January shirt.
Her February shirt.
And her March shirt. Way to go Kim! I guess I need to get busy if I am going to participate at all.
When I saw this little skirt, I loved it. Kim said that she had never thought of using granny squares for clothing, but I think it looks fabulous.
A lovely, easy to wear t-shirt.
I got the biggest kick out of this post. Kim called this the Yowsa! dress. Yowsa is right! Kim made the dress using the pattern pictured above. It was worn to a theater event. You look fantastic Kim!

Next up is Elizabeth. You can find her blog at
She too volunteered to try out the Lend Me Your Shoulder pattern. She told me that she was going to make the top out of a stripe fabric. I had never thought of making the top in a stripe, but I think it looks wonderful.
Elizabeth is a very prolific seamstress. There must be very few items in her closet that she has not made. She too got on the band wagon and made Vogue 1250. I think just about everyone has made this pattern (Vogue should be thanking us!). Elizabeth looks fantastic in her version.
Another lovely piece.
When I saw this skirt, I was so impressed with the stitching. What a great color combination as well. The only problem with choosing a color like this for top stitching is there is no room for error, and I see none here. A perfect skirt.
Elizabeth has also made a number of shirts. Here, the perfect summer shirt dress.
 Great combination of patterns.
 The ruffle detail on the shoulders of this blouse really makes it pop.
Now this is a woman after my own heart. In the post where she talked about this blouse, she said that she had just been out and had purchased a number of beautiful designer fabric pieces and yet, here she was making this shirt out of fabric that she had purchased at Ikea. Hey, when it works, it works! Who cares where the fabric comes from?  
Elizabeth also loves to cook. I thought I would leave you today with your mouth watering. I know mine is. Isn't this just the loveliest salad? You can find the recipe here.
There are two sides to the computer world. There's the side where we worry about someone hijacking our email account, clearing out our bank account or taking over our identity. And then there's the other side, the wonderful side that brings us all together and makes our world a lovelier, richer place. In closing today, I want to thank all of you who take the time to come by and read my blog. It's truly an honor. All of you have played a huge roll in making my life so much richer. Thank you.   

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  1. I absolutely love your posts and pictures. I have made just about every one of the sleeve patterns you have shown us, and they always bring nice compliments when I wear whatever I have put them upon. One of these days I will send some pictures of some of my projects.