Tuesday, January 10, 2012


and a bright Good Morning!
Each year the Haute Couture Club of Chicago hosts a fashion show. We usually have around 350 attendees. We showcase the garments made by our members and the proceeds sponsor a scholarship for Fashion Group International. If by any chance you can make it to Chicago on May 6, 2012, we would love for you to attend. This year I am the fashion show chairperson. As I thought about the show and what I would like the theme to be, a trip to France rang out to me. With that, Le Tour De France was launched.

In preparation for the show, we have two challenges during the year. Our first challenge was a red challenge. Our second challenge will be in February and it is a stripe challenge. I decided to provide the fabric in order to give a scene a cohesive look. We've done this in the past and the audience loves seeing all the different interpretations of the same fabric. Those who wanted to participate, purchased the fabric. They can do anything that they wish, but it must be a garment. The Mahogany Stylist has made a lovely bag. You can see the fabric and her bag here.
I've looked for some interesting ideas of striped pieces for inspiration and they are pictured below.   

What a wonderful photograph. I love the use of the mirror for such an over the top outfit. 
There's something about this vintage photo that lures me in. Maybe it's the "bad girl" striped hose! 
Great shoes.
I have tried to find another photo of the top that Michele Obama is wearing. Such a great top! I am going to do this top. I'll keep you posted once it's finished. It'll be sometime in February.
Just for fun, I've included the following pictures.

I found this picture and fell in love with the hose. They were for sale about a year ago. bummer!! But I haven't given up, I'm determined to find a pair of these.

A great pair of shoes based on the architecture of the Eiffel Tower. Magnifique!!!
With visions of Paris dancing in my mind,
Au Revoir...for now. 

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