Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Little Look Back

I have to begin with an apology. I had some problems crop up that I needed to take care of and my blog has suffered, i.e. no Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. Don't worry, I will make it up to you and post two this week. To make up for last Friday, I will post that pattern on Wednesday and then I will be back with my usual post on Friday. 
It seems that there is a fascination with the 80's. There were some wonderful styles, it just got a little out of hand with all the oversized garments. But I will admit that I thought they were wonderful at the time. Today I am sharing some wonderful drawings from the 1989 fall collection of Emanuel Ungaro. A friend gave me a number of books that had the sketches along with the fabric. You could actually buy the fabric. Sadly, all that exists now are the books and the wonderful swatches. Although the shoulders are quite a bit larger than what we have become accustomed to in recent years, I think the pictures are quite inspiring and I think that they also serve as a fantastic lesson on how the masters mix prints, solids and textures. Each picture is followed by the swatches that were used for the garment. Enjoy.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. I love BeaArthur's clothes when she portrayed Dorothy on "Golden Girls". Her jackets/tops were boxy, but very artsy. I don't know what that has to do with your post though.