Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sad Update

This morning I found out that the Newfoundland mother that I flew last Monday will have to be put down. My heart is so heavy. I feel as though she is one of my own. In a way I guess she is. The vet was brought in and he found that her heart is very enlarged and full of heart worms. There is nothing he can do other than to keep her comfortable while the rescue works to quickly ween the puppies. Her puppies are all fine, as healthy as can be. Warren, the pilot that meets me and does the final leg to Appleton, WI , and I are planning to go up tomorrow or Tuesday and visit her one final time. Just as I wrote this, I began to cry and my Gracie came to comfort me. I had hoped that this mother would be as lucky as my Gracie. UNTIL ONE HAS LOVED AN ANIMAL, A PART OF THEIR SOUL REMAINS UNAWAKENED.

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  1. So sad Rhonda. But you must be glad that the puppies will have the chance of a good life now (and any mother would be glad of their children getting that). Thank goodness there are people like you willing to give them that opportunity.