Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just For Fun

I must be in a blogging kind of mood as this is the third entry I have done today.
Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore my dogs. They are such a joy, from the way they make me laugh to the comfort they give me on nights when I can't sleep. So with that said, maybe it's not such a crazy thing for me to make collars and leashes for them. But then again, maybe it is, but I don't care.
If you have never seen them, they are as black as night. Bright colors look great on them. A few days ago I was at Soutache (the ribbon store I talked about in a previous blog, I love this store) and I saw this ribbon with bees on it. I also love bees and I especially love honey so the ribbon just seemed to call out to me. The collars were quick and easy to make. A little hint, if you decide that you would like to make a collar for your dog, go to the dollar store and purchase a collar. The hardware for the collars at the fabric store is rather expensive. I have found that the hardware on the collars at the dollar store are for the most part every bit as good and a fraction of the cost. I did buy the hardware for the leash at Soutache. I just couldn't resist, it's such a beautiful hook.
So yes, I sew for my dogs. Whether you have dogs, cats or both, try doing something a little creative for them. I think you will find that they know when they look pretty. Or maybe they just get a kick out of us being a little crazy.

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  1. Jessica in our office did a YouTube video on making a dog collar and teaches these to new sewers at the Craft & Hobby SuperShows. They are very popular and people make them even if they don't have a dog. Very nice.